Is tim allen rebooting tool time?

Home Improvement star Tim Allen recently teased that a reboot could be in the works. This leaves fans wondering where the story will continue. In a recent interview with The Messenger, Allen revealed his contemplation of reviving the Taylor family and the Tool Time team for a spin-off of the beloved 90s comedy. Tim Allen, star of Home Improvement, talks about a possible reboot of the hit comedy from the 1990s, revealing that he has ideas for it and a possible title.

Allen helped mount a kind of revival of Home Improvement in the comedy Last Man Standing, which featured him as the lead. Speaking to The Messenger to promote the second season of The Santa Clauses, Allen revealed that he's had conversations with the cast about doing a Home Improvement spin-off. Tim Allen, star of Home Improvement, addresses a possible restart of the show, revealing that he has ideas for it. In the episode Dual Time, which aired as part of the ninth season of Last Man Standing, the Baxters see twice as much when they hire a home improvement repairman who bears an uncanny resemblance to Mike (Allen), who is having trouble with an idea for his Outdoor Man 10th anniversary vlog.

Richard Karn guest starred in two episodes, while Jonathan Taylor Thomas repeated playing a character named Randy, in an ode to his time in Home Improvement. While it's far from a reboot or spin-off of Home Improvement, something Allen and Karn have discussed in the past, the cast has reunited on several projects since the series' conclusion more than two decades ago. Several episodes of his nine-season series Last Man Standing contain references to Home Improvement, including one called “Dual Time”.

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