Which episode of last man standing is patricia richardson in?

Mike confronts his new but rowdy neighbor, Helen Potts, for waking up neighbors with their power tools and repair projects.

Tim Allen is reunited with Patricia Richardson, who played his wife in the acclaimed series Home Improvement.

Mike confronts his new but rowdy neighbor, Helen Potts (Patricia Richardson), for waking up neighbors with their power tools and repair projects. But when Vanessa and Helen quickly become friends, Mike decides to get in the way. Meanwhile, Eve discovers that Ed isn't the type of Vietnam War hero she thought he was.

Richardson played Tim's wife, Jill, in Home Improvement, and it was a joint decision between her and Allen that the comedy would end after eight seasons, as they feared it would become obsolete. Home Improvement was one of the most important comedies of the 90s, with the premise loosely inspired by Allen's Primitive Man monologue routine. Patricia Castle Richardson (born February 23, 1995) is an American actress best known for her role as Jill Taylor in the ABC comedy Home Improvement and Helen Potts in Last Man Standing, where she reunited with her co-star of Home Improvement, Tim Allen. Richardson played Helen Potts in two episodes of Last Man Standing, and her first appearance in the aptly titled Helen Potts was riddled with calls from Home Improvement.

Last Man Standing gave star Tim Allen the chance to reunite with some of his Home Improvement co-stars and here are all the actors who appeared as guests on the show. Some Home Improvement actors also made notable guest appearances on Last Man Standing, so here are all the casting crosses. The series cast him as Tim The Tool Man Taylor, who growls A LOT, host of a home improvement show called Tool Time, but most of the drama revolved around his domestic life with his wife Jill (Patricia Richardson) and their three children. Last Man Standing also embraced Allen's past in Home Improvement on a regular basis, including the actor who reprised Tim Taylor in an episode titled Dual Time.

A common joke about Home Improvement saw neighbor Wilson's face obscured by a fence or other objects; this is the episode that finally revealed it.

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